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Kennelly & Associates is located in Hartford, Connecticut

At Kennelly & Associates, we know that what a client wants most is to have its problems solved. Be it a complicated business and land transaction or the rightful compensation for an injured person, we know that when you turn to a lawyer you need help making life less complicated. Here at K&A, we want to turn all of our experience into making sure our clients come out on top.

With a blend of real world experience and intellectual prowess, the people at K&A will simplify the questions, help you find the answers and make sure every decision you make is an informed one. We know that everything from opening a business to negotiating with the State to making sure you are not getting taken advantage of by an insurance company can seem an impossible maze of lawyer's double talk and contradictions. We make sure that every client has every advantage in every situation.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or just want to make sure that you have a professional looking our for your interests, come talk to us at Kennelly & Associates. We want to make you feel secure in all your legal transactions and know that there are hard working professionals finding your solution.