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Kennelly & Associates is located in Hartford, Connecticut


Kennelly & Associates recently negotiated a tax dispute with the Connecticut Department of Revenue which resulted in the settlement of an alleged $123,000.00** tax bill for $28,000.00** to be paid out over four years. This resulted in the client realizing a 78% savings on the tax dispute. Without this negotiated settlement, a Hartford business would have had to declare bankruptcy and the City would have lost a thriving business and numerous people would have lost their jobs. It was through the close examination of the State's claims and complicated negotiations that this business was saved.


Kennelly & Associates recently secured the second video bill board for its client in the Hartford area. After extremely complicated co-ordination of local and state licensing officials, Lamar Outdoor advertising was able to enter the 21st century of advertising through the assistance of Kennelly & Associates. The firm helped co-ordinate all aspects of the project from securing the permits and purchasing the land to the integration of wireless technology and addressing the concerns of public safety officials. Once again, where a client has a problem, Kennelly & Associates steps in and finds solutions.


Kennelly & Associates just helped culminate the purchase of a large commercial structure in Hartford's West End to bring new business to an exciting part of the City. After securing extensive financial support from the Connecticut Department of Economic Development and the Hartford Economic Development Corporation, Kennelly & Associates negotiated the purchase of the property with very favorable terms for it's client. This new development will help secure the Hartford's West End as a place for fun and business with new dining facilities, office space and residential apartments. With Kennelly & Associates help, its client was able to take advantage of a great opportunity.


After two of its clients where beaten at a local night spot, Kennelly & Associates was able to step in and secure a significant jury award. In spite of the evidence offered by the assailant's lawyers, the jury awarded over $300,00.00** to compensate our clients. Where innocent people were hurt, Kennelly & Associates made sure justice was done.

** - The results of these cases were solely based on the facts, merits, and law applicable to these circumstances. No cited cases should be taken as an indication as to the potential results of any other case or controversy in which the law firm represents a party. Potential clients should not rely upon the outcome of any result accomplished by the firm as an indication of the likely result of their case or controversy.